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Singing FUNdamentals Toys That Teach

Composer: Lee Gwozdz
Format: VHS Video
Product: 007184
Unit: Each
Price: $30.00
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This new video that shows you how you, too, can successfully use the Singing FUNdamentals™ program with any singing ensemble! Lee demonstrates how to use each of the twelve toys found in the Singing FUNdamentals™ Toybox and in the Toy Handbook to help choirs prepare actual pieces of music for liturgy or performance in concert. Phrasing, dynamics, and precision are covered. All four of Lee's choirs are featured, from cherubs through adults, showing how the toys and the concepts they illustrate are effective for all ages. The techniques presented present a positive and enjoyable approach to creating the best vocal sounds with any choral group.
Topic:  Children
Package insert contain Salsa Warm-up Instructions coordinated with thesong "Mujer Latina" from the recording Amor a la Mexicana (EMI).  
Additional facts:
Series Title:  Singing FUNdamentals
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Youth and adults
Length:  60 minutes
Copyright:  World Library Publications, 2005
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