Singing FUNdamentals Toy Box Collection

Inventor: Lee Gwozdz
Format: Collection of teaching toys
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Lee Gwozdz brings a lifetime of singing in choirs to his wildly successful choral programs at Corpus Christi Cathedral in Corpus Christi, Texas. Now Lee shares those winning techniques in a remarkable new choral training program. Singing FUNdamentals combines concepts, techniques, and toys in a way that makes singing a joy. Lee's Singing FUNdamentals Toy Box and related videos and DVDs have received rave reviews from vocal experts and users alike:

"I started a children's choir last fall and began right off using Lee Gwozdz's toy box. I was amazed at the result. Believe it or not, the punching dinosaur even worked with the adult choir. Thanks to WLP for that box of magic!" -- Charles Thatcher, composer and music director, Orlando, FL

The Toy Box includes a dozen toys that provide visual imagery for good choral singing, making concepts like posture and phrasing concrete for young singers. Great for high school and adult choirs as well! The toys are packaged in a sturdy reusable toy box for easy storage and long-term use. The Toy Handbook, included in the Toybox, demonstrates how to use toys like the punching puppet or the "Mr. Pooch" tennis ball effectively to illustrate choral concepts. Musical exercises are included.

A treasure for professionals and amateurs alike! Anyone who works with children's and adult choirs and wants to teach the basics of good choral sound needs this kit.
Topic:  Children
"I use my toy box all the time and boy does it ever work!" Larry Wickersham, Classic Choir Tours, Madison, IN
The instruction booklet that comes with the Toy Box Collection  shows how to use the toys to demonstrate:
Vocal Techniques
Articulating sixteenth notes and dotted eighth notes
Beating time at set tempo
Breath control
Consonant releases
Diaphragmatic breathing
Dotted quarter pulsing
Additional information:
Secondary Language:  English
Copyright:  World Library Publication, 2001

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