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Words that Work for Worship: What Theology Are We Singing? What Poetry Are We Praying?

Author: Alan J. Hommerding
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ISBN: 978-1-58459-365-2
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This addition to the WorshipWorks series explores the merits of the texts we sing in worship. Whether you are the person responsible for evaluating sung texts for your community or someone who crafts texts for sung prayer (be they your community's intercessions or your own musical compositions), author Alan Hommerding offers helpful insights and practical tools to help you. His background as a hymn writer, a pastoral musician, and an editor of the musical texts of others well qualifies him to author this useful little volume.

Words That Work for Worship approaches the task of text evaluation from two perspectives. In the first section of the book, the various ways that the tenets of the Christian faith should, and shouldn't, be offered in song are examined. Particular attention is paid to scriptural adaptation. In the second half, the use of imagery, metaphor, rhyme, and other devices of language are presented briefly. This section includes some simple writing exercises. Throughout, the stress is on the care that we must take to create and select the words that we musicians put in the mouths of our worshiping assemblies. Words That Work for Worship provides the critical tools that will help your community to sing God's praises faithfully and beautifully.

Part 1:  What Theology Are We Singing?

Chapter 1: Words for Worship: One, Holy , Catholic, Apostolic

Chapter 2: Pray What?

Chapter 3: Bless the Bandwagons, Beware the Bandwagons

Chapter 4: Lost (and Found) in Translation

Part II: What Poetry Are We Praying?

Chapter 5: Spirit and Understanding, Understanding Inspiration

Chapter 6: What's A Meta For?

Chapter 7:  The Two R's

Chapter 8:  Let's Start at the Very . . . End

Appendix:   (Reading - Reflection - Resources)

Additional information:
Series Title:  WorshipWorks
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult
Size:  5½ x 8½
Length:  48 pages
Copyright:  World Library Publications, 2007

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