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Mechanical License Application

You may apply for a Mechanical License by using the online application form below (simply complete the necessary fields and click "Submit"). You may use the application form below as many times as necessary to include all of the titles for which you as requesting permission. Or, you may download an application form PDF, make as many copies of the form as you need, complete, and return via fax, e-mail, or mail to the attention of the Customer Care Department:

Fax: 888-957-3291

Mail: World Library Publications, Attention: Customer Care, 3708 River Road, Suite 400, Franklin Park, IL, 60131-2158


Once we have received your application and all titles are approved you will receive a Mechanical License with instructions. An invoice will follow by regular mail.   The fee is $.091 per song or musical element (such as a Mass part), per recording copy or download. The minimum fee charged is $25.00.

Note: WLP can only license its own copyrighted material.

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Mechanical License Application Form

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