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Kevin Keil brings over 40 years of musical experience to his love of sacred music. He received a bachelor of music degree from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio; and a master degree in Church Music and Liturgy from Saint Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana. Before moving to Texas he had been an organist, pianist, guitarist, cantor and choir director in Catholic churches throughout Cleveland, Ohio for 30 years.

Kevin is a prolific composer of instrumental and vocal pieces. He has been composing nearly as long as he has been involved in church music, and finds much of his inspiration growing out of the needs of his church music programs. He believes in taking the very best of our musical heritage and blending it with a contemporary style that makes the music new again. "Our traditions should inspire us to greatness, not enslave us to mediocrity."

He has served on many music commissions and advisory committees, and is a recipient of the "Owen Award" for outstanding achievement in the field of liturgical music.

Kevin has been Director of Music Ministries at Holy Cross Catholic Church in The Colony, Texas since August of 2009.