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Alive in Me - Thompson
Aaron Thompson is an amazing Catholic musician and presenter who successfully highlights the challenges and solutions of pastoral music ministry through the eyes of church teaching, music, and family. Aaron effectively reaches out to adults, youth, clergy, and laity.

Aaron utilizes his skills as a professional Catholic composer, guitar player, trumpet player, pianist, and choir director, and his life experience as a working father and African-American Catholic, to bring humor and life to his message.

Aaron grew up in Glencoe, IL and attended Sacred Heart Church where his early Catholic formation took place.

He excelled in music and completed his studies at Northern Arizona University.  He lived in Phoenix directing parish music ministry for several years.

As a music minister, Aaron has personally witnessed the power of music in the lives of spiritual seekers working through concepts of redemption and mercy, humility and courage.  His early musical experience was formed at Saint Maria Goretti in Scottsdale, AZ.  Aaron watched excellent pastoral musicians like Tom Kendzia, Paul Hillebrand, Cyprian Consiglio, Rory Cooney, Tom Booth and Jaime Cortéz who inspired him to develop his craft and vision as a musician at a young age. 

Aaron and his wife Marian along with their four children currently reside in Madison, WI.  Aaron serves as the Director of Music at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.