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David Kauffman is a songwriter, composer, recording artist, music producer, husband, and father who creates music described as "good for the soul."

Whether playing for the Pope and 1.5 million young people at World Youth Day in Paris, singing to an intimate crowd on a college campus, or on the 150 city SO MUCH JOY Tour, David's ministry remains the same. It is all about God's embrace in everyday life. "When we begin to recognize God in our midst, and ourselves in His embrace," says Kauffman, "there is a natural tendency to live more Christ-like. My ministry is singing the songs that will open our eyes to experience, and then become, God's embrace everywhere we turn."

And he's been doing it for over 10 years with three custom records, 600 performances and over 50,000 records sold, all in relative anonymity. Although his recent chart success and touring opportunities have catapulted him into the hearts and homes of a nation full of Christian music lovers, this Music Minister has been doing the right things for the right reasons for a long, long time, with little regard for pop music status.

David's three cd's are entitled SIMPLE TRUTH, BE STILL, and BEHOLD.?