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Blessed Art Thou: Mother, Lady, Mystic, Queen (Softcover Book)

Artist/Authors: Brother Michael O'Neill McGrath; Father Richard Fragomeni
Format: Softcover Book
Product: 017297
ISBN: 978-1-58459-351-5
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Inspired by the titles from the Litany of Loreto, one of the oldest prayers of the Catholic Church, these 20 images celebrate various and reverent names for Mary - Our Mother, Our Lady, Our Mystic, Our Queen - all with a somewhat contemporary twist.  As the Mother of God, Mary surpasses all other humans and yet is united with all who are to be saved. Here you will find a magnificent and inspiring collection of colorful images, meditations, and prayers about and for Mary, both painted and written.

Many of McGrath's paintings in this collection are the result of his loving fascination with Black Madonnas, which have inspired pilgrims, saints, and sin-sick souls for centuries. Combined with Richard Fragomeni's poetic and candid prayers, these images of Mary speak directly to all people who struggle to find meaning and joy in a world filled with crisis, divisiveness, and insecurity. They speak, too, to the artistic, creative soul in all of us, which longs to see things in new and challenging ways while holding on to the history and traditions of our Catholic heritage.

On the front cover:   Queen of the Prophets

This Hardcover Edition was the Winner of three 2005 Catholic Press Association Books Awards!
Design and Production First Place

Topic:  Mary
"This book is a treasure. It is truly a gift to anyone wanting to deepen the experience of Mary as mother, lady, mystic, and queen." -- Diane Cunningham, pastoral associate at Ss. Peter and Paul Parish (Saginaw, MI), Pastoral Music, November 2005

"Combining Michael McGrath's ethereal and lovely acrylic paint on watercolor paper artworks with Richard Fragomeni's beautiful prayers [this book] is a superlative celebration of the loving and reverent names for Mary, the mother of Christ. The twenty memorably impressive images comprising this coffee-table style book make it an inspired and inspiring assist for readers seeking contemplation and reflection. Highly recommended." -- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Library Bookwatch: April 2010 The Christian Studies Shelf

(Paintings, descriptions and prayers for the following titles of Mary, the Mother of Jesus)
Preface: Assumption over Bethany
Mother of God; Cause of Our Joy; Seat of Wisdom; Promised Land of Milk and Honey; Mother of Sorrows
Our Lady of Peace; Our Lady of Divine Grace, the New Eve; Our Lady of Light; Our Lady of the Rosary; Our Lady of Refuge
Virgin of Virgins; Mystical Rose; Dawn of the Mystic Day; Gate of Heaven; Star of the Sea
Queen of the Apostles; Queen of the Angels; Queen of the Prophets; Queen of the Saints; Queen of the Universe
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Age:  Adult; Young Adult
Size:  9 x 12
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