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Celebrating Initiation: A Guide for Priests

Author: Paul Turner
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This fine book leads priests through twenty-six rites of initiation, including all of the various rites of the RCIA, adaptations for already baptized candidates, the various infant baptismal rites, confirmation of a person in danger of death, and parish celebrations of First Communion.  The book is sprinkled with helpful information culled from Father Turner's pastoral experience and seemingly limitless knowledge of the development of the initiation rites.
Rites and Devotion:  Baptism
"Father Paul Turner has emerged as one of the most significant liturgical scholars in the United States. His work is at once rooted in the riches of the tradition, informed by the finest in liturgical studies, and alert to the pastoral needs of our people. In Celebrating Initiation, Turner leads priests through the twenty-six rites of initiation in an easy-tofollow step-by-step manner. Written by a priest for his brother priests, this volume will also be of inestimable value for seminarians, deacons, and liturgists. If I could put one book in the hands of everyone involved in the ministry of initiation, it would be Paul Turner’s Celebrating Initiation." His Eminence Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles

"Nearly twenty-five years have elapsed since the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults was approved for implementation in the United States. While great strides have taken place since then, there is still much work that needs to be done to have the rite celebrated as the norm in every parish throughout our country. Facilitating full use of the rite is the subject Paul Turner's latest book, Celebrating Initiation: A Guide for Priests. As the title indicates, his book is aimed at priests who play a critical role in the celebration of the rite. While the rite calls for the entire community of faith to be actively involved in the welcoming and formation of new 'Christians,' the priest plays a unique role in assisting the catechumen transition through key moments of the journey by celebrating liturgical celebrations within the assembly. Paul's book offers practical suggestions for the priests in understanding and celebrating the rite.  He also provides historical context on elements of the rite that aid in selecting options for the celebration. In this era when time is a limited resource for priests, we tend to be very selective in choices made regarding reading material.  This book is a handy guide and a good resource for implementing the rite and helpful for taking time to review what you have done in the past and raising it up a notch." — Rev. Richard Vega, President of the National Federation of Priests' Councils

"Paul Turner’s book is a rare combination of pastoral wisdom based on practical experience and careful scholarship. He writes with a pastor’s heart and feel for the realities of parish life, yet is obviously an expert in liturgical theory. Don’t let the casual style and witty commentary fool you—this man knows the theology of Christian initiation inside out, and he also takes seriously the challenges faced by priests who care deeply about celebrating liturgy with their community in life-giving ways.

Most priests have little time for the kind of careful reflection and extensive background reading that has gone into the pastoral suggestions offered by Paul Turner in this excellent little volume. He strikes just the right balance between reverence for the tradition and pastoral adaptation in the service of more prayerful worship.

Only a seasoned pastor who’s done these rites over many years could speak with such clarity in offering helpful commentary on the liturgies of Christian initiation. Paul Turner leads the reader through a confusing thicket of liturgical rituals and conflicting rubrics. In the process, he shows how to celebrate initiation more effectively, avoiding both rubricism and anything-goes adaptation.

We don’t use the term much anymore, but this little volume qualifies as a priest’s vade mecum for how to celebrate the liturgies of Christian initiation. Paul Turner knows how to talk to brother priests, and he makes you want to be a better presider just by reading his book, Celebrating Initiation.

For any priest who has felt overwhelmed, confused or discouraged at the demands of celebrating the complex and confusing rituals of the RCIA…this is the book for you. It is clear, simple, humorous and profound—and that’s just the first few pages!" Rev. Robert D. Duggan, Priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., acclaimed expert in the areas of liturgical renewal and sacramental theology, and visiting fellow at the Life Cycle Institute, Catholic University of America

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