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Just A Minute! A Suite of Organ Miniatures

Composer: Edward Eicker
Format: Organ Book
Instruments: Organ
Product: 003079
ISBN: 978-1584593294
Unit: Each
Price: $11.00
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This is a collection of brief, tuneful, and accessible contemporary pieces for organ.  They allow organists who may have limited pedal technique to broaden their repertoire of preludes and postludes. Both organist and congregation will find them thoroughly satisfying.  Listen to excerpts of the "Fanfare" and "Toccata" recorded here in first-rate interpretations by Chicagoan Paul Nicholson.
Fanfare Listen
Toccata Listen





Gigue Antique


Additional information:
Series Title:  WLP Organ Library
Size:  9 x 12
Length:  12 pages
Copyright:  World Library Publications, 2007

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