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Seven Communion Chants for the Advent and Christmas Seasons - Click and Print

Composer: Charles Thatcher
Format: Click & Print Choral Octavo
Voicing: SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Instruments: Keyboard
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The singing of psalms with antiphons during the processions of the Mass is an ancient practice. This is a collection of simple English-language settings of antiphon and psalm texts from the Graduale Simplex and Graduale Romanum. The modal melodies can be sung easily by assemblies of all sizes, with abundant or limited musical resources, from SATB choir to single cantor. In addition, these chnats may be sung with organ or keyboard accompaniment or a cappella.
Topic:  Communion; Chant; Liturgy of the Hours; Mary; Marian; Psalms; Evening Prayer; Sprinkling Rite; Service Music
Liturgical Season:  Advent; Christmas
Scripture:  Psalm 85; Psalm 110; Psalm 78; Luke 1; Psalm 96; Psalm 29
Rites and Devotion:  Morning Prayer; Evening Prayer; Eucharist
Service Music:  Communion
Seven Communion Chants for Advent and Christmas Listen
Advent Season I: The Lord Will Grant Abundance; Advent Season II: You Have Favored Your Land; Christmas: From the Womb before the Daystar; Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Mary Treasured All These Words; Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: My Soul Rejoices in the Lord; Epiphany: We Have Seen His Star; Baptism of the Lord: All of You Who Were Baptized
Some of these chants would be suitable for use in the Liturgy of the Hours, since many of the antiphons of the Gradual Simplex are also found in the Monastic Psalter, published by the monks of Solesmes. In this case, the antiphon would be sung only at the beginning and end of the psalm. Thr chants could aslo be sung as an anthem by choir alone.

"My Soul Rejoices in the Lord," the antiphon with Magnificat for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, may be used for Marian feasts throughout the year. In addition, it is one of several communion chants of the Gradual Simplex that are considered suitable for any celebration of the Mass.
Series Title:  Music for the Rites
First Line:  Advent Season I: The Lord will grant abundance, and our land will yield its fruit./Advent Season II: You have favored your land, O Lord./Christmas: From the womb before the daystar, I have begotten you./Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Attend, my people, to my teaching/Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: My soul rejoices in the Lord; I glorify the holy name of God
Hymn Tune:  Benignitatem fecit, Graduale Simplex; Benedixisti, Graduale Simplex; In splendoribus, Graduale Romanum; Maria aute, conservabat, Graduale Simplex; Sanctum nomen Domini, Graduale Simplex; Vidimus stellam eius, Graduale Simplex; Omnes qui in Christo, Graduale Romanum
Size:  7x10
Length:  10 pages
Copyright:  Psalm text from the New American Bible copyright © 1991, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, DC.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.
Translation of antiphon text and music copyright © 2007, World Library Publications

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