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God Hears Me When I Pray - Gowens

Composer: Cynthia Gowens
Format: Octavo
Voicing: Unison Choir; Soloist; Assembly
Instruments: Guitar; Keyboard
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From the recording and music collection Good Ground (WLP 001240, 001241), we recommend this sensitive gospel ballad by Cincinnati composer Cynthia Gowens. Composer and performer Kenneth Louis has added his arranging expertise, and Thomas W. Jefferson’s keyboard transcription captures Kenneth’s gospel harmonies, complete with altered chords, syncopations, and counter-melodies. As Cynthia writes in this comforting song: “No matter what is happening in our life, God knows our voice and hears our prayer.” Share this good news with your community.
Topic:  Prayer; Petition; Love of God for Us; Trust
Liturgical Season:  Call to Worship; Parish Renewal
Sunday of the Year:  Ordinary Time 17 Year C; Ordinary Time 29 Year C; Ordinary Time 16 Year A; Ordinary Time 27 Year A
Composed in a slow and steadfast gospel style, God Hears Me When I Pray is a moving and versatile piece. It could be sung as a solo, by unison choir, or as a song sung by the whole assembly. The text is simple and repetitive, yet it quickly draws one into prayer: “God hears me when I pray. Out of all the people in this great big world, God hears me when I pray.” A strong pianist is the most essential component of this piece because it is composed in a true gospel style. Octave sixteenth runs occur in the right and left hand, leaps between the two hands are common, and the expanded harmonic vocabulary proves to be challenging. As a result, the accompaniment is full and rich. Ninth, diminished, dominant seventh, and major seventh chords abound and support the simple melodic line. The tessitura is great for
assemblies as it sits in the lower range (B3–B4), but it is a bit low for sopranos and tenors. This piece could be used as a meditation or as a prayer of trust or petition.
Rachelle Kramer, chair of the Steering Committee for the National Association of Pastoral Ministers, Youth Interest Section
God Hears Me When I Pray Listen
More information:
Series Title:  In Spirit and Truth
Arranger:  Kenneth Louis; piano transcription by Thomas W. Jefferson
First Line:  God hears me when I pray.
Size:  7x10
Length:  5 pages
Copyright:  Copyright © 2003, Cynthia Gowens.  Exclusive licensing agent, World Library Publications

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