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Adoramus Te

Composer: Roger Stratton
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir; Cantor; 2 Soloists; Assembly
Instruments: Guitar; Keyboard
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We welcome Roger to the WLP family. You will find this choral work a valuable addition to any liturgical situation that calls for meditation on the Paschal Mystery. The compelling SATB ostinato response is presented in a minor key with Latin text and in the parallel major for the English translation. The two-part choral verses are sung by the solo voices over the choir's ostinato response. This well constructed, flexible setting includes helpful performance suggestions.
Topic:  Lent; Stations of the Cross; Holy Week; Palm Sunday; Good Friday; Passion; Veneration of the Cross; Crucifixion
Liturgical Season:  Lent
Reviewed in NPM Notebook, November 2009 issue
The structure is very flexible and can be adjusted according to music aims or time requirements. It can be used for meditations on the Paschal Mystery or for the Veneration of the Cross.
Dr. James Callahan
Professor of Music, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Adoramus Te Listen
PERFORMANCE NOTES: "Adoramus Te" can be used in any liturgical situation calling for meditation on the Paschal Mystery. It is especially appropriate for the Veneration of the Cross. It may be performed either with or without the solo parts, and the solo parts (found on page 4) may be used individually or together. The congregation and choir continue to sing the ostinato under the solos.

The minor-key (A) and major-key (B) sections can be sung as many times as desired. It is preferable that the piece both begin and end in the minor key. One possible order of performance would be:
    Minor-key ostinato (A)-several times until the congregation is comfortable
    Minor-key ostinato plus solo parts
    Major-key ostinato (B) - 1 or 2 times Major-key ostinato plus solo parts
    Minor-key ostinato (no solos) -- several times, ending in a cappella
Series Title:  Music for the Seasons
First Line:  Adoramus te, adoramus te et benedicimus tibi.
Secondary Language:  Latin
Length:  8 pages
Copyright:  Copyright © 2006, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.
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