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Pescador de Hombres/Lord, When You Came - Handbell Parts

Composer: Cesáreo Gabaráin; arranged by Jeffrey Honoré
Format: Handbell Parts

3 to 5 Octave Handbells
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In this clever arangement, note how the strumming of a guitar is imaginatively imitated under the well-known melody. Jeff has a keen insight for choosing and arranging music that embodies Catholic spirituality and is quite enjoyable for the player and the listener. Be sure to check out Marian Medley, a handbell setting of three cherished classics.
Jeff Honoré has used handbells to give a very Spanish flavor to this familiar title.  Mallets are needed both to roll the chord accompaniment and to play the short sounding percussive 6/8 accompaniment.  There's one key change and several accidentals, but these are well within the range of an average choir.  The ending builds to chords which shake and then concludes with mart lifts and a mart.  This is a nice piece to add to your choir's repertoire.

-- Reviewed in Pastoral Music, December 2008
Pescador de Hombres/Lord, When You Came to the Seashore Listen
* From ms. 17-28, 5 octave choirs may double top notes an octave higher.
** Staccato indicates any stopped technique including mallets on tables, plucking, soft martellato, or thumb damping.
* From the pickup of ms. 29 through ms. 44, 5 octave may double stem uo notes an octave higher. * From the ms. 71 through the end, 5 octave choirs may double top two notes an octave higher.
Series Title:  Handbell Series
Arranger:  Jeffrey Honoré
Size:  8½ x 11
Length:  9 pages
Copyright:  © 1979, 1987, 1989, Cesáreo Gabaráin.  Published by OCP Publications, 5536 NE Hassalo, Portland, OR, 97213.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.
Sole selling agent for this arrangement: World Library Publications.
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