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A New Commandment Click & Print

Composer: Steven R. Janco
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: Assembly; Unison; Descant
Instruments: C Instrument; Flute; Keyboard
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Topic:  Discipleship; Holy Thursday; Love; Mission; Sacrifice
Liturgical Season:  Easter
Sunday of the Year:  Easter 2 Year B; Easter 5 Year C; Easter 6 Year A; Easter 6 Year B; Easter 7 Year C; Lent 5 Year B
Scripture:  Refrain: John 15:12
A New Commandment Listen
From the CD Draw Near.
Series Title:  Music for the Seasons
Arranger:  English: James Quinn; Polish: J.Dziurzynski; Spanish: Anonymous
First Line:  I give you a new commandment: Love one another as I have loved you.
Optional Polish verse:  Skōrōsięwszyscy tu gromadzimy, Strzeżmysiętego, co
Secondary Language:  English; Spanish; Polish
Age:  Adult; Children & Youth; Seniors; Teens; Young Adult
Size:  8½ x 11
Length:  8 pages
Copyright:  Text of English verses © James Quinn, S.J. Used by permission of Selah Publishing Co., Inc.  North American Agent, Kingsford, NY 12401.  All rights reserved.
Polish text Spiewnik Koscielny © 1975, ed. by Sw. Krzyaw Opolu.

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