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El Auxilio Me Viene del Señor: Psalm 121/Our Help Is from the Lord: Psalm 121

Composer: Peter M. Kolar
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir; Descant; Cantor; Assembly
Instruments: Guitar; Keyboard
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The music of Peter Kolar is gaining recognition in worshiping communities throughout the country.  His ability to write melodic, singable melodies adorned by gorgeous harmonies is exceptional.  His fully bilingual Mass setting, Misa Luna, has become a standard very quickly.  Peter's compassionate seting of Psalm 121 creatively incorporates both Spanish and English texts in the refrain (all in only nine measures).  Two verses are completely in Spanish, two in English.  Verse 4 modulates up a third and is sung a cappella leading into the final refrain (in the original key).  The final refrain inventively casts the descant in English over the Spanish portino of the refrain and Spanish over the English in a very successful marriage.
Topic:  Mercy; Healing; Love of God for Us; Worship; Discipleship; Trust; Communion Procession; Eucharist; First Communion; Eucharistic Adoration; Body and Blood of Christ; Holy Thursday
Rites and Devotion:  Eucharist; First Communion
El Auxilio Me Viene del Señor: Salmo 121/Our Help Is from the Lord: Psalm 121 Listen
More information:
Series Title:  Cantos del Pueblo Choral Series
First Line:  El auxilio me viene del Señor.  Our help is from the Lord.
Secondary Language:  English; Spanish; Bilingual
Size:  7x10
Length:  10 pages
Copyright:  The English translationof the psalm response from the Lectionary for Mass, © 1969, 1984, 1997, International Committee on the English Liturgy, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Text of English verses copyright © 1998, 1997, 1970,  Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, DC.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.
Spanish text from Leccionario Hispanoamericano © Conferencia Episcopal Española.
Music © 2008, World Library Publications

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El Auxilio Me Viene del Señor/Our Help Is From the Lord: Psalm 121

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