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Stopping Along The Way: Stations of the Cross Leader/Accompaniment Edition

Composer: John Shea
Format: 3 hole-punched loose leaf pages
Voicing: Cantor
Instruments: Keyboard
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This contemporary Stations of the Cross, written by theologian and storyteller John Shea, is designed for a leader and congregation. While in keeping with the traditional devotion, it also contains aspects of liturgical drama. At each station a character presents a monologue that connects the passion of Christ with contemporary forms of suffering, followed by a brief reflection by the leader, a period of silence, and a short sung response--a total time of forty-five to fifty-five minutes for the whole service. Through their participation in the fourteen stations, the leader, speakers, and assembly enter more deeply into the passion of Christ and into the mystery of their own suffering.

The 8 ½ x 11 leader/accompaniment edition is three-hole punched to fit in a ceremonial binder, and contains the complete text of the service as well as accompaniment versions of Steve Warner's "Crux Fidelis" and Kevin Keil and Alan Hommerding's "Stations of the Cross." The coordinating people's edition contains the reflection responses and assembly versions of these same pieces.
Topic:  Stations of the Cross
• The First Station; Woman in her forties, whose mother has died
• The Second Station; Sixteen-year-old boy, with cocky attitude
• The Third Station; Man in his mid-thirties, with a new son
• The Fourth Station; Young Woman, just out of college
• The Fifth Station; Young man in his late twenties, telling story of having a broken leg
• The Sixth Station; Eight- or Nine-year-old girl, dressed in play clothes, talking about her mother
• The Seventh Station; Woman in her forties, using a wheel chair or walking aid
• The Eighth Station; Middle-aged woman of Jerusalem
• The Ninth Station; Middle-aged man who attends the Stations each year
• The Tenth Station; Young man under thirty, a high school teacher
• The Eleventh Station; Older man with stethoscope, a doctor
• The Twelfth Station; Woman in her late forties, a hospice worker
• The Thirteenth Station; Monologue by the Leader
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult; Teens; Young Adult
Copyright:  Copyright © 2004, World Library Publications

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