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Palabras Pastorales para Ocasiones Especiales

Editor: Eduardo Rivera
Format: Book
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ISBN: 978-1-58459-249-5
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According to the Roman Missal, many points in the Mass allow for the priest or deacon's own words, such as the introduction to the liturgy; form C of the penitential rite; invitations to the prayer over the gifts, the Eucharistic Prayer, the sign of peace, and Communion; and the rite of dismissal. Each community is called, as well, to craft prayers of the faithful for each unique celebration.

This bilingual resource assists those who prepare and use such texts for special occasions, including funeral Masses, marriage liturgies, the beginning of the school year, graduation liturgies, respect for life Masses, a liturgy for a quinceañera, and feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Model texts are provided in English and in Spanish in a helpful side-by-side format.

Note: if you are looking for these types of texts for each Sunday and solemnity of the year, subscribe to Palabras Pastorales or Pastoral Patterns, via hard copy or electronic download. Check out the Worship Programs drop-down menu at the left.
Topic:  Liturgy; Funeral; School Year Opening; Marriage; Graduation; Respect for Life; Quinceaños; Blessed Virgin Mary
Rites and Devotion:  Funeral; Marriage
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Age:  Adult; Teens; Children & Youth

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