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Bilingual Ritual of Hispanic Popular Catholicism - Brankin

Author: Fr. Patrick Brankin
Format: Paperback book
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This indispensable resource for priests, deacons, and those who work in Hispanic ministry is a bilingual collection of Hispanic Catholic rituals and popular devotions that are deep in faith and steeped in a rich tradition. Detailed instructions and diagrams are presented in English while the prayers, texts, and hymns are presented in Spanish. Easy to use, this book makes ceremonies like quinceaños, the presentation of a three-year-old child, mañanitas to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the posadas readily accessible to priests and deacons whose first language is English. In addition, you'll find:
  • Individual and communal versions of the quinceaños Mass
  • The complete text for the Good Friday pésame
  • A comparative calendar of liturgical feasts that allows cross-referencing of various devotions and practices
  • Beautiful color illustrations of traditional Latin-American religious art

Incredibly useful for:

  • Directors of Religious Education in bilingual parishes
  • Seminarians and deacon candidates preparing for Hispanic ministry
  • Parish libraries
  • Colleges and universities offering Hispanic Studies programs

Topic:  Prayer
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