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The 50 Days of Joy: Easter Reflections for New Catholics

Author: Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S
Format: Paperback book
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ISBN: 978-1-58459-292-1
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From WLP's Fountain of Life series (Resources for Christian Initiation).

This collection of reflections is designed for those who have been baptized or received into the Catholic Church at Easter. Taking its cue from the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, this book will truly enable new Catholics to deepen their grasp of the paschal mystery. The book draws on the Church's ancient model of mystagogy by helping the reader to reflect deeply on the celebration of the sacraments of initiation. You'll find reflections for each day of the Easter Octave as well as for all the Sundays of the Easter season, the Ascension of the Lord, and Pentecost.

Author Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S., employs a wealth of scripture to facilitate a conversation between the sacred word of God and the lived experience of the new Catholic. The complete texts of the scriptures used for the reflections appear in this book, making it a stand-alone resource for personal prayer. The Fifty Days of Joy is also a helpful resource for initiation ministers who facilitate group sessions during the period of mystagogy.

The front of the book has an area in which to inscribe the name of the new Catholic, the parish, and the date of initiation. An ideal gift for all those initiated at Easter!
Topic:  RCIA
Liturgical Season:  Easter
"While the book is clearly designed for the newly baptized (or received), it could certainly be a great tool for anyone seeking to keep Easter by deepening their own experience. It is easily adapted for either group or individual use...This book is clearly a workbook, meant to be interacted with, but avoids looking like one. It offers those who reflect best with a pen in hand enough room to write, without lines that will never be filled in (I speak from experience here)...In our culture, Easter seems often to be the beginning of a mad dash to the end of the school year. This book is an invitation to slow down and savor the mysteries of Easter."  Victoria M. Tufano, Catechumenate, September 2007

"In this work, Chriszt has developed a pattern of refection that is readily accessible to the neophytes  and captivating enough for long-time Catholics...The 50 Days is an excellent resource and a fitting gift for neophytes, godparents, families — and homilists." — Diana Macalintal, Forum Newsletter, Winter 2007

""It makes me want to be a new Catholic! What mystagogy means and how to go about mystagogical reflection seems to elude many people, and Dennis Chriszt's reflective process...will help those who use it to do mystagogy — even if the word never passes their would also be an effective tool for homilists who want to develop an authentically mystagogical approach to preaching." — Bernadette Gasslein, Celebrate!, January-February 2008, Vol. 47, No. 1

Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S., is a priest with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. He directs Precious Blood Parish Missions, the special formation program of his community, preaches parish missions and retreats, and conducts workshops on the Christian Initiation of Adults.
Series Title:  Fountain of Life Series
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult; Young Adult
Size:  7 x 10
Copyright:  World Library Publications, 2007
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