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Sing Praise to Our Creator - eAccompaniment

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Sing Praise to Our Creator STANDARD

By : Omer Westendorf
Format : Click & Print Hymnal File; Digital Download

Sing Praise to Our Creator

By : Omer Westendorf
Format : Click & Print Hymnal File; Digital Download

Sent Forth by God's Blessing Hymn Book

Hymn texts selected from the rich and distinctive body of work of World Library Publications founder Omer Westendorf, set to well-known and three new hymn tunes.

By : Omer Westendorf
Format : Print


Catholic Treasures Vol IV: Classics of Praise and Honor CD - compilation

This smash hit collection has now transformed from being only available online to now being available in CD format! Enjoy these four tangible new albums that include Catholic family favorites and traditional songs performed expertly by the WLP Choir. Great for listening in your car, home, or office. CDs sold separately. Listen to sound-clips online!
003465 Volume I - Classics for Feasts and Seasons $17.00
003466 Volume II - Classics for Worship $17.00
003467 Volume III - Classic Hymns and Songs $17.00
003468 Volume IV - Classics of Praise and Honor $17.00

By : WLP Choir
Format : CD


With Hearts and Voices People's Book

America is aging. Some of our most faithful and dedicated members are not with us every Sunday. They may have moved to a retirement community or may be confined at home, and yet they are still vital members of our parish communities. With Hearts and Voices helps to bridge this gap in our Sunday assemblies with the songs and prayers our senior parishioners hold dear. This prayer book is a welcome resource for retirement and nursing homes, hospitals, and especially ministers of care.

Jerry Galipeau has compiled and composed prayers of the heart, home, and church to enable our ministers of the sick to do more than distribute the Holy Eucharist. They can bring our worship to the homebound and provide a resource one can return to again and again. The more than 80 classic Catholic hymns and songs are those your people have taken into their hearts and made their own. Each is supported by a supplemental recording, recorded in age-appropriate keys and enhanced by a four-part choir.


  • Convenient 7in. x 10in. size with clean white pages
  • Over 80 classic Catholic hymns and songs
  • Sonmg lyric in large 14-point type without musical scoring; making it easier to read and participate
  • Large collection of personal and devotional prayers
  • Prayers for before and after the reception of communion
  • Communal prayers like The Way of the Cross and The Rosary

By : Edited by Alan J Hommerding and Jerry Galipeau
Format : Print


C Instrument Companion

The highly anticipated C instrument arrangements you have asked for to enhance your trusted WLP worship resources, including Seasonal Missalette, Word & Song, We Celebrate, and the classic People's Mass Book.

C Instrument Companion includes

  • More than 500 titles including Mass settings and service music
  • Three specific lines of music for every selection: melody, descant 1 (for beginners), and descant 2 (for intermediate players). Play parts separately or simultaneously.
  • A tune index that helps you to discover alternative harmonies for the same hymn tune
  • Music from a variety of publishers including WLP, GIA, and OCP
  • Large print and clear music notation
  • 2 spiral-bound books for convenient and durable use

C Instrument Companion will truly enrich your parish repertoire with refreshing instrumental descants you won't find anywhere else!

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