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Plan ahead for an exciting Liturgical Year!
WLP designs custom workshops and training sessions for your parish, liturgy team, musicians or other liturgical ministers. Schedule one of the workshops or training sessions listed below or contact Raquel Hernandez about customizing one that meets your needs.

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Raquel Hernández
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Mysteries of the Rosary

McGrath, OSFS, Br. Michael O'Neill

This workshop will show you how to engage children with the Mysteries of the Rosary and their meaning through color and art.


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Celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours in the Parish
Prete, Mary
Feed My Lambs: The Shepherd's Point of View!
Angotti, John
How to Direct a Music Ministry/ Como Dirigir un Ministerio de Musica
Florián, Lorenzo
Get Serious - Sacred Music Repertoire for Solo Guitar
Rendek, Ron
Retreat and Reflection: Ministries and Mysteries
Hommerding, Alan J.
Introduction to Early Middle Eastern Music - Modes, Rhythms, Performance
Discerning a Vocation (ie. Being Single)
Garcia, Noelle
Conducting Electricity
Kerr Breedlove, Jennifer
An Understanding of the Liturgy - Un Entendimiento de las Liturgia
What is the liturgy? Some historical anecdotes on the development of our current liturgy and practice, a basic theology of eucharist, the dynamic of the liturgy, the liturgical year, some important liturgy documents and resources, and the role of the faithful and its ministers.

Qué es Liturgia? Se presentarán unos anécdotas históricos con respecto al desarrollo de nuestra liturgia y su celebración, una teologia básica de la eucaristía, la dinámica de la liturgia, el año litúrgico, documentos importantes y otros recursos, tanto como el papel de los fieles y los ministerios litúrgicos.

Organ Repertoire and Performances
Liturgical Organists Consortium
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